« Des données et des graphes », a must read

How many books I have read about informatics, about databases ? I honestly could not tell. Yet, there are those books that I will not forget, and Des données et des graphes is this this kind of book. Here are a couple of reasons:

  • the book is short. I know it can sound weird, but when you weight a 800 pages book you can always wonder about how much of this is useless, advertisement, or simply bullshit. Often, the best books are not the biggest (take for instance kafka: the definitive guide, 300 pages of deep dive into Kafka)
  • the book is really efficient. What has to be written is written, no more, no less!
  • the book is written in french, and it is original enough to be pointed out.
  • the book is accessible to audience that do know nothing of Neo4J, and at the same time, people that already know about Neo4J will not get bored.

Sylvain Roussy and Nicolas Rouyer have done a great work to synthesize information about what is Neo4J, how to configure it, which usecases it best fits, how to handle Cypher and the REST API.

A second tome should be released by the end 2017, and one of the main topics should be about the EU GDPR compliance 2018, an important point for many businesses. As it happens, the new release of the book should explain how Neo4J can be used to explain how data is structured, organized and linked in businesses.

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