Socket bridge, a first moonshot

Socket Bridge is a small project working with NodeJS, and using the very famous SocketIO library. Its purpose is quite simple : create a bridge between devices that will then be able to share data. A producer will be capable of pushing messages, through a REST API, while many consumers will connect to the feed and receive data as it is pushed by the very unique producer.

One simple usecase is IOT. A producer can push messages that would be consumed by RaspberryPies, in order to control them. The use of SocketIO allows to use only one producer, and an unlimited number of consumers.

A real life usecase could be an individual who would push a message through his unix console, and then control all the lightning of the room, cameras, locking of the doors, etc.

With NodeJS and SocketIO, this all is pretty simple. I have decided then to focus on the ease to use and manage the feed. I will explain in details how you can build a feed and get control over who can produce message, who can consume.

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